• Oral Tradition and Internet Technology by John Miles Foley

Linkmaps amount to suggested routes through the wiki network, particular sequences of ePathways that have been found to be illuminating in one way or another. An example is the eWorld, a linkmap of nodes that leads from Leapfrogging the Text to The Museum of Verbal Art to The Irony of Proteus to Resynchronizing the Event to Systems versus Things. En route the surfer will have an opportunity to think about a textless world, the new-media landscape for literature and oral tradition, an ancient Greek myth of transformation, the re-creation of performance events, and communication without “things.” What’s more, the entire itinerary revolves around the core OT/IT thesis of the Pathways Project.

But that’s just one option. Potential surfers may opt to follow this or another of the predesignated patterns listed below (any of which they can always exit at any point). Or they may choose to strike out on their own, fashioning their own experiences at every juncture—effectively creating their own linkmaps as they go. The freedom to explore and to construe is nearly absolute, and all we ask in return is that surfers consider the option of contributing their newly discovered itineraries to the Pathways Project Linkmap Digest as possible “guidebooks” for future users. To share your linkmap, please create an account by clicking the Sign Up link in the orange bar above.

Linkmap Digest






Bonnie's Kalamazoo 12 Map   Bonnie Irwin   I will be speaking at the international medieval congress on distributed authorship and the 1001 Nights. This map represents my preliminary process while drafting my remarks.
Bonnie's research map   Bonnie Irwin   I am finding many analogies to teaching within The Pathways Project. This map depicts my trekking through the ideas as I build a thesis from which to work.
Broadening your horizons   Morgan E. Grey   This linkmap looks at what "literature" and "performance" can mean in different settings.
Cynthia   Cynthia Kaui   map one
Ethereum   George Zhukov   Decentralized future
eWorld   John Miles Foley   This linkmap explores several aspects of the electronic world, or eAgora, and its trademark activities.
linkmap   Mario Hernandez   class project
map 1   Cynthia Kaui   first assignment
map one   Cynthia Kaui   assignment one
oWorld   John Miles Foley   This linkmap offers one perspective on the oral world, with emphasis on its similarity to the eWorld and difference from the world of texts.
Textual Limits   Morgan E. Grey   These nodes discuss and argue against assumptions regarding textual superiority.
Tuesday before Greece   Tim Scott   Just getting reacquainted with the web version before going off with the book for ten days.
Understanding time   Thomas Sean Dominic Kelly   A pathway followed to further the understanding of oAgora and eAgora especially in relation to performance and time