• Oral Tradition and Internet Technology by John Miles Foley

Chinese Translation

For more than a decade, Professor John Miles Foley has maintained a close collaborative relationship with many Chinese colleagues. He valued this work because of the rich history of oral traditions throughout China coupled with the exceptional work being undertaken to study and preserve this non-tangible cultural heritage. In an effort to make Professor Foley’s writings more accessible to Chinese scholars, the Center for Studies in Oral Tradition has employed research assistants specifically assigned to creating Chinese translations. When the Chinese version of a node is available you will see this button in the right-hand column above the Linkmap.

Chinese version


Table of Chinese Translations

Home Page   首页
Getting Started   开始
oAgora   口头市场
tAgora   文本市场
eAgora   电子市场
Agora_as_Verbal_Marketplace   作为语言市场的Agora
Agora_Correspondences   市场对应
Arena_of_Oral_Tradition   口头传统的竞技场
Arena_of_the_Web   网络竞技场
Audience_Critique   观众评论
Bellerophon_and_His_Tablet   Bellerophon和他的平板
Book_versus_Website   书相对于网站
Citizenship_in_Multiple_Agoras   多种市场中的公民
Cloud_and_Tradition   云(Cloud)和传统
Contingency   偶然性
Culture_as_Network   网络化的文化
Disclaimer   声明
Distributed_Authorship   分布式作者
Ecology_of_OTs   口头传统的生态系统
eEditions   电子版本
ePathways   电子Pathways
Homo_Sapiens_Calendar_Year   智人历年
Ideology_of_the_Text   文本的意识形态
Illusion_of_Object   对象的幻觉
Illusion_of_Stasis   静止的幻觉
Impossibility_of_tPathways   文本路径的不可能性
Indigestible_Words   可消化的词语
In_the_Public_Domain   在公共领域里
Museum_of_Verbal_Art   口头艺术博物馆
oPathways   口头Pathways
oWords   口头Words
Preface   前言
Proverbs   谚语
Reality_Remains_in_Play   现实正在上演
Recur_Not_Repeat   重现,不重复
Response   回应
Stories_are_Linkmaps   故事就是链接地图
Systems_versus_Things   系统对于事件
Texts_and_Intertextuality   文本与互文性
Three_Agoras   三种Agora
Variation_Within_Limits   范围内的变化